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We’re a modern, mobile-first app agency with over a decade of experience building award-winning iOS, Android, and web apps.
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Not all products are created equal. And even less live up to their business case.
We’re different. At 8X, we care about the value that your product has to create. The pursuit of the right thing is just what we do.
The right strategy. The right experience. The right modern tech stack. The right flexible approach and mindset. The right product and the right results.
That’s how we deliver a return on technology.


We are fully focused to solve your business challenges. No matter the technology or architecture, we will find the most optimal solution and deliver a ready-to-operate product.

Design Solution

Put the perfect brain into your digital product. We implement the most complex solution architecture to establish the foundation of an efficient, performant, and scalable digital solution

Websites and Platforms

Excite your customers with the aesthetic look and feel of your web solution. We build websites and platforms of great performance and beautiful design to present your business value best.

Mobile Applications

Bring your business to customers within arm's reach. We create mobile apps with the latest technologies to make your user base stick to your business offerings via a magnetic user experience.

Custom Software Development

Solve every specific business challenge you may have with a custom-built software solution. We develop solid, scalable, and secure engineering solutions to serve your business objectives.

UI/UX Design

Get your brand noticed with a user-friendly design that looks exactly right. We perform the whole UI/UX process from user research to visual design and beyond to create a catchy user experience.


Make sure your digital product is of the highest possible quality. We are focused on preventing and fixing any defects to meet the most demanding project requirements and user expectations.

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Our Value

What Makes Us Unique

At the heart of Intellifit is a team of dreamers and doers who are laser-focused on delivering value to clients. We have a collective can-do attitude, the right skills to conquer challenges and the integrity to always do the right thing. 

Time-bound Professionals

We work with clockwork precision which enables us to deliver work on time, as agreed.

Ideators & Innovators

When the old ways do not work, new ones have to be invented or innovated. Our mobile app developers are consistent in it


For people at Intellifit, every problem is a new challenge to be conquered.

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Value Givers

We help our clients gain maximum value with the right choice of technology for web and mobile app development services.



Case Studies

Explore Our Projects



liefermars is German’s leading on-demand delivery platform, dedicated to bringing consumers a wide range of food, groceries and more, quickly and conveniently.


kremlynsports is a wholesale manufacturer provides sportswear, fitness wears, and casual wear service all over the world. client need was to make a portfolio website where his customers can come and send him inquiry as per his need.

How we Build Your Product

Technologies we Use

Our Advisors

Teams achieve more by using strengths, delegating tasks, holding each other accountable, setting clear goals and roles, building trust and striving to improve. Teamwork ensures success.

Yasir Basharat

Founder and CEO

With a proven track record, Yasir has guided over 6 tech startups to success, including high-profile acquisitions.

Shaaz Ahsan

Founder & CTO

innovates and delivers customized solutions for mobile & web that enable business transformation, user engagement and boost revenue.

Reggie Azevedo

International Advisor

Reggie has empowered businesses worldwide with cutting-edge tech solutions for growth and operational efficiency.

We would love to hear from you

A thousand mile journey starts with a single step. Get in touch with us and we will begin a partnership that will take your business to new heights.
Successfully Developed Projects
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Unique Ideas Submitted
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