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Not all products are created equal. And even less live up to their business case.
We’re different. At 8X, we care about the value that your product has to create. The pursuit of the right thing is just what we do.
The right strategy. The right experience. The right modern tech stack. The right flexible approach and mindset. The right product and the right results.
That’s how we deliver a return on technology.

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Our Vision We Evolve with You

Converting Leads into Loyal Customers.
Our vision at 8X is to never see our clients vanish off the map of the industry. We wish to keep our clients’ websites in a power-boosted mode constantly to drive traffic and raise conversion rates. We keep striving to find newer, better ways to provide our clients with comfort when connecting with us to manifest their ideas into reality.

Mission Statement

Our Mission Turning Visitors Into Loyal Customers
We are not fans of one hit wonders. We don’t just create a website or application that would attract a client and convince them to make purchase, but we make sure that the next time they want the services you offer, they will think of your brand. We use all our resources to build a product that stays in the mind of the user than just mindlessly creating something just to finish a project. Our entire process is thought out with every step meticulously devised so that we leave no stone unturned in making sure your website sets a benchmark for your competitors.

Quality Assurance

This is What We Live For

“Quality is not an act, it is a habit.” said Aristotle once. At 8X we have embraced quality as a habit and as a way of life – not as a catchphrase to impress you. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced quality assurance engineers who perform pen tests, smoke tests, and every other form of required testing to ensure that the software is perfectly fine for deployment. 

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Our Mission Turning Visitors Into Loyal Customers

We believe that client relationships are long-term friendships that do not terminate with a single transaction. As a customer-centric company, 8X provides continuous support and maintenance that even after deployment.

Our Advisors

Teams achieve more by using strengths, delegating tasks, holding each other accountable, setting clear goals and roles, building trust and striving to improve. Teamwork ensures success.

Yasir Basharat

Founder and CEO

With a proven track record, Yasir has guided over 6 tech startups to success, including high-profile acquisitions.

Shaaz Ahsan

Founder & CTO

innovates and delivers customized solutions for mobile & web that enable business transformation, user engagement and boost revenue.

Reggie Azevedo

International Advisor

Reggie has empowered businesses worldwide with cutting-edge tech solutions for growth and operational efficiency.


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We offer an assortment of well-researched digital agency services. We concentrate heavily on web development, software development, digital marketing, graphic designing, and branding strategies.
We are located in Sialkot Pakistan . You can find our pin location on Google maps, or just give us a call and our representative would guide you in detail.
Our prices vary according to your project. You can give our customer representative an idea of what project is like, and they can give you an estimate, however it would be subject to change as the process goes on.
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